Types of Jobs

Current immigration regulations permit international students to work only part-time, up to 20 hours per week, and only on campus. By working 10 to 15 hours a week, you cannot earn enough to pay your major expenses, such as tuition or room and board.

If you are employed, you may apply for a social security number. With a social security number you can apply for a credit card and cell phone plan. For more information about working on campus talk to your international student advisor.

Types of Jobs:

  • Student Jobs: Entry-level jobs for undergraduate and graduate students. Campus jobs may include working at the university’s cafeteria, bookstore, library, health club, or within the university's administrative offices.
  • Graduate Assistantship: For graduate students in exchange for helping professors with research projects.
  • Residential Assistantship: Undergraduate and graduates can serve as the first point of contact for students needing assistance regarding dorm life in return for free housing and sometimes a salary or meal plan.
  • Internship: Undergraduate and graduate students work part-time in a field related to their major for academic credit. Internships are usually unpaid but allow students to gain work experience.


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