Campus Setting

The campus location will determine what type of setting you will be living in. Keep in mind that your location can play a large role in what your U.S. life will be like. Donít be afraid to try something new!

Setting Distance from City Environment Benefits Limitations
Rural Far Outdoors Homes are spread out and usually on larger plots of land The community centers around the university Cost of living is typically lower Population tends to be less diverse Limited services and cultural activities
Suburban Outskirts Residential Single family homes on small plots of land surrounded by similar homes Taste of the city from the comfort of a smaller town Typically a lower crime rate than an urban neighborhood Public transportation may be limited Daily needs are not always within walking distance Population tends to be less diverse
Urban Center Busy City Apartments and some houses are very close together in the same area as business and commercial real-estate Center for diversity, culture, art, business, and entertainment Tend to be more diverse Higher cost of living, crowded, pollution, and crime may be higher than other areas

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