Discover Your School

There are over 3,000 U.S. universities, each of them offering different options and opportunities. Take this "Discover Your School" quiz to discover what type of university would best fit your needs. Do not limit your search to only the suggestions provided, but instead use this as a tool to begin your exploration.

  1. What type of degree would you like to obtain?
    1. AA: Associate degree is the foundation (first two years) of a bachelors degree
    2. BA/BS: Bachelor's degree is an undergraduate degree awarded for a course or major that usually takes four years to complete
    3. MS/MA/MBA/PhD/JD: Master, Law, or Doctoral degrees are postgraduate degrees awarded after the completion of an bachelorís degree that takes between 2 and 6 years to complete
    4. No Preference
  2. How many years are you planning on studying in the U.S.?
    1. One year or less
    2. Two years
    3. Four years or more
  3. What type of school do you prefer?
    1. A big university with a wide range of activities and educational opportunities
    2. A smaller university with more personal attention
    3. No Preference
  4. School Size
    1. I prefer a school with small class sizes where teachers will know my name and I will get to know my classmates well
    2. I benefit from small class sizes and a lot of personal attention from faculty but I still want a variety of activities, classes, and social opportunities
    3. I donít mind having some classes with over 100 other students as long as the school also includes a large variety of courses, facilities, athletic programs, and social activities
    4. No Preference
  5. How competitive do you want your university or college to be?
    1. A college that allows for open admissions with few requirements is fine with me
    2. I want a distinguished university that is moderately selective
    3. I prefer to attend a university with an outstanding reputation that only accepts a small percentage of applicants each year
    4. No Preference
  6. How much can you afford to spend on tuition per year?
    1. $1,000-$13,000
    2. $13,000-$25,000
    3. $25,000 and above
    4. No Preference
  7. What is an important factor to you when choosing the region you want to study in?
    1. Climate
    2. Affordability
    3. Outdoor Activities
    4. Local Culture
  8. What type of city do you want to live in?
    1. I want a small town with a large sense of community and lots of outdoor activities
    2. I donít like the congestion of city life but I would still like to be able to access the broad range of activities and services a city offers
    3. I want to be where the action is and surrounded by culture, diversity, and opportunities
    4. No Preference
  9. When taking a break from studying, what extracurricular activity are you most interested in?
    1. Attending a huge American football game where the stands are filled with cheering students
    2. Going to a gallery opening or listening to live music
    3. Working hard at a great internship or job
  10. What kind of home life would you like in the U.S.?
    1. An American family eating dinner together
    2. A shared one bedroom dorm with other students living in the same residence hall
    3. My own apartment off campus

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