School Size

The amount of students enrolled at a university not only affects class size but also the relationships you are able to build with professors, the extracurricular activities your school provides, and your social experiences on campus. Make sure you think about what type of atmosphere will be best for your learning style.

Size Population Class Size Faculty Student Ratio Class Instructor Facility Campus Life
Small 500 - 8,000 Small 1: 5-30 Professor; Individual attention Small campus with limited facilities Fewer students lead to an intimate sense of community Build close relationships with professors
Medium 8,000-20,000 Small 1: 5-30 Professor; Individual attention Libraries and housing but limited research facilities Offer a variety of athletic program and activities Large sense of student community with the opportunity to meet new people
Large 20,000+ Large 1-2: 30-200 Sometimes Professor or Teaching Assistant (Graduate Student); Impersonal Large libraries, Research facilities, Extensive Housing Large athletic program and extensive range of organizations and activities Many social opportunities

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