Job Resources

How to Find a Job:

University career centers are aimed at assisting students with their resumes and job searches. It is a great place not only to search for an on-campus job but to get advice for a future career and assistance on how to do it. It is also very important to have someone from your career center on campus help you structure and edit your resume. Counselors there are great at helping you develop your resume to highlight key components of your work experience and academic life.

The career center also deals with on-campus job interviews and career fairs. It is never too early to start looking for a job and career, regardless if the students are international students or not.

Here are some other places where on-campus jobs may be posted:

  1. International student services
  2. On-line university postings
  3. Bulletin boards across campus (usually located in dorms, classroom buildings and student advising centers)
  4. Individual inquiries at offices across campus
  5. Computer labs/ IT department
  6. Campus newspaper
  7. Residential life department
  8. Dining services



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