Application Requirements

Application requirements vary for each university. Check each school’s web site to see which documents are required. Most schools suggest you begin the application process 12-14 months before you intend on studying in the U.S. This will ensure that you have plenty of time to take necessary tests, gather information, and send your application in as early as possible

Items Description Where to find it
Application Form The application form requires you to provide general data about where you are from and your educational background University website under International Student Application
Personal Statement Provides a chance for the applicant to explain to the admissions committee why they should be accepted to the university University website under International Student Application
Academic Transcript Records showing your academic history (classes you have taken and scores received) Request from your current university or high school
Letters of Recommendation Undergraduates should ask for letters from teachers; graduates may request letters from teachers or employers in their field of study. Recommendations should come from someone the student has a strong relationship with. Request from your professor or employer
Financial Statement Proof that you have sufficient funds to cover your living expenses while in the U.S. Request from your bank
Supporting Material You may be required to submit a portfolio of work (art) or evidence of work experience  
Application Fee Usually between $25-$100  
Standardized test Primarily multiple-choice aptitude tests that are intended to measure the skills necessary for study Contact oversees advising center
Standardized Tests
All Levels Description Test Time Scores
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Measures an individual's ability to communicate in English Several times a month Average passing scores: Undergraduates: 550; Graduates: 600
Undergraduate Description Test Time Scores
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Multiple choice
Reading, math, writing
6 times a year overseas Math range: 200-800
English range: 200-800
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Multiple choice and essay subject test
Tests knowledge in specific study areas
6 times a year overseas Subject range: 200-800
more info
Multiple choice
English, mathematics, reading, science, reasoning
5 times a year Range: 1-36
Graduate Description Test Time Scores
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Graduate School
Multiple choice
verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing skills
2 times a year Verbal range: 200-800
Quantitative Reasoning range: 200-800
Analytical Writing range: 0-6
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Law School
Multiple Choice
Reading, analytical reasoning, logical reasoning, and verbal skills
4 times a year Range: 120-180
more info
Medical School
Multiple choice and writing sample
Scientific knowledge in biology, physics, inorganic and organic chemistry, problem solving, critical thinking, and writing skills
22 times a year Range: 1-45
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Business School
Multiple choice
Verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing skills
5 months a year Average: 570

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