What is StudyUS?
Many international students want to study in the U.S. to receive a higher education degree, study U.S. English, or to learn about new cultures. However, choosing an educational program, financing education, and applying to a U.S. university can be confusing and sometimes overwhelming. Study U.S. Network is designed to support prospective international students by providing contemporary information and tools relating to the U.S. study experience. Use the network to: Take the University Quiz and discover which program will best fit your individual needs. Get inspired by reading the U.S. city descriptions and cultural events that are happening around the country. Join the community and connect to other students by sharing stories, experiences, and advice about this amazing time in your life. While you are gaining knowledge and skills with a higher education degree, a U.S. study experience is a life changing process. Explore, dream, and discover all that this country has to offer!
Who's behind StudyUS?
This website was created with the help of current and recently graduated international and U.S. students at the Center for Global Education. As students who have studied in countries other than our own, we wanted to make a network full of resources that will help international students with all aspects of the decision-making process to study in the U.S. We are very enthusiastic about helping international students and hope you can learn a lot from this website!

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