International Communications

Sometimes one of the nicest things about studying abroad is not talking to your parents everyday. However, remember that they are supporting your education and would love to hear about your great American adventure. Plus it's nice to have some encouragement from your friends and family back home when things get rough. Here are some options for communicating overseas.

Device Benefits Notes Recommendations
Cell Phones
  • Various plans
  • Use international calling card
  • Text message
  • Two way calling
International calls can get expensive Must be employed to obtain a social security number in order to sign up for cell phone plan.
  • Take notes
  • Look up phone numbers
  • Write and send email
  • Play games
Devices purchased in home country may not work in the U.S. Palm Pilot or Pocket PC
Calling Card Prepaid calling card that can be used from a land line or mobile phone One way calling Others will not be able to call you directly Purchase at most supermarkets, drug stores, and convenience marts
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Voice over Internet Skype and Gizmo are software programs that allows users to talk over the internet to other users for free You can purchase credit to make phone calls from your computer and you can buy a telephone number to receive calls Skype

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