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It is hard to know what to expect from a new city as travel guides tend to highlight typical tourist attractions and the media often plays up stereotypes. Check out these city descriptions to get a better idea about what some of America’s most famous cities are actually like.

City Overview Education # of Students Cost Climate
Miami, FL Charged with the energy of Caribbean rhythms, this big city is sophisticated and has some of the most seductive beaches in the country. If you like an electrically pulsing city, this may be your place! Barry University | Florida International University | Miami-Dade Community College | St. Thomas University | University of Miami 66,220 Medium* Tropical climate, with hot, humid summers and warm, dry winters. Average monthly temperature has never been below 64.4F.
* We have determined whether a city is low, medium, or high cost based on comparisons to other cities in the U.S. The cost of living depends upon several cost factors such as housing or apartment rental, auto insurance, health insurance, state taxes, food, utilities, etc. Please visit the Best Places website to compare cities where you are interested in applying to schools.
Miami, FL

Miami is one of the most international American cities. Miami, once only known for its beaches, art deco architecture, tourists, and retirees has transformed itself into a metropolis that provides a crossroads for trade, travel, and the communication of ideals and culture from around the world.

The University of Miami is located in “The City Beautiful”, Coral Gables. The streets are adorned with classy fountains and luxurious hotels, high end specialty shops, and art galleries. It is primarily a residential area with low crime and quiet streets. Many students live in Coconut Grove, a once hippie hangout turned trendy and commercial. The bars, eateries, and boutiques are usually crowded and populated by students. If island life is what you’re looking for, you can cross over to Key Biscayne (10 minutes from campus). The area is known for its beaches and Crandon Park which offers activities such as windsurfing, sail boarding, jet skiing, biking, picnicking, and partying. Even though the commute may take 30 minutes by car, many students from UM live on South Beach of at least part of their academic career to experience the areas unique lifestyle and environment. The transportation system in Miami includes a metro rail and metro buses, however if you want to live in south beach a car is more than helpful

At the center of Miami’s art deco design, nightlife, and culture is South Beach. When people think of Miami, the chic enclave of South Beach is what they most often picture. The 10 miles of beach are alive with a circus like atmosphere. The area is popular with both Americans and international tourists, which explains South Beach’s tolerance for topless sunbathing. Everything is accepted here from eccentric locals, students, transsexuals, celebrities and club kids. People watching here have been equated to the excitement level of a Milan fashion show. The South Beach section Miami Beach is a major entertainment destination especially because it has a very active club and bar scene. It is host to over 150 clubs, most of which close at 5 am. Be aware though, unless you make friends with some of the locals expect to pay a higher cover charge and spend some quality time waiting in line. If you do find yourself in line, fear not, the south beach is one of the world’s foremost locations for fashion shoots. Over 1500 models live in the area with many more arriving during prime fashion shooting season.

If the craziness of south beach is not for you, check out Barry University, located in north beach. Miami Shores is a small residential community that has maintained its “hometown” atmosphere. Barry University was voted by US News as having the most diverse group of students in the country. It is no wonder as the city of Miami is knows as the Gateway to Latin America and therefore attract a large amount of foreign born people. Places like little Havana (little Cuba) are not uncommon. The diverse population and liveliness of the Miami will make foreigners feel right at home.

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